Google New SERP Feature - What is Notes in Google Labs

Google’s latest addition to its search engine functionality is an experimental feature in Google Labs called “Notes.” This feature offers a unique way for users to interact with search results. Here’s an overview of what it entails and how it functions: 

Understanding Google's "Notes" Feature

1. Functionality

  • User-Generated Notes: Notes allow users to write and share their thoughts or annotations directly on specific search result listings and within Google Discover. User’s can enable this feature by visiting Google Search Labs and it is now in Beta stage. 
Google New SERP Feature - What is Notes in Google Labs
  • Visibility and Access: These notes are not only personal annotations but are also visible to others, providing a diverse range of insights and information on a particular search listing.
  • Once your note is approved by google by verifying the content provided it will be shown publicly 

2. Usage and Interaction:

Adding Notes: Users can add their own notes to a search result listing by using the “Add Note” button.
You can use text, image and stickers on your notes. Currently links are not supported by Google so it better not to your Website links while writing notes


Viewing Notes: A separate icon indicates the number of notes on a search result, allowing users to view these notes on a different page

3. Ranking and Relevance

  • Quality Control: Google employs algorithmic protections and human reviews to ensure notes are relevant and not spammy. And also your notes are visible to the public so share with caution.
  • No Impact on Search Ranking: While notes are ranked for relevance, they do not influence the ranking of the actual search results or website listings.

4. Future Implications for Site Owners:

Publisher Insights: Google is exploring ways to provide website publishers with insights into the notes left on their content. However, the specifics of this feature and its integration into tools like Google Search Console are still under development.

5. Availability

Current Reach: As of now, this feature is available in English in the U.S. and in both Hindi and English in India, accessible through the Google App and mobile search results

How to Join on Search Labs to Get Notes on your Mobile

  • On your Android phone, Search for the Google App and Open it
  • Make sure you’re signed in to your Google Account with Incognito mode turned off
  • At the top left, you can see a Conical Flask aka Labs icon. Click on it
  • Find an experiment that interests you in this case you can find NOTES
  • Turn the experiment on
  • Follow the on-screen instructions


Google’s “Notes” feature represents an innovative step in enhancing user interaction with search results. By allowing users to leave notes and learn from others’ insights, Google aims to enrich the search experience with personal and communal knowledge. However, it’s important to note that this feature is still in the experimental phase, with potential future expansions and integrations to be announced

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