How to Get Community Top Voices on LinkedIn

Everyone’s going behind for the LinkedIn Top Voice badge, and no wonder! It’s like wearing a gold star that screams “Expert is here!” on your profile. Whether you’re aiming for the Community Top Voice Badge or the cool Invite only badge,, these badges do two things to your profile – shine the spotlight on you and make you look super pro in the eyes of everyone looking for your kind of skills.

Different type of LinkedIn Top Voice

1. LinkedIn Top Voice

2. Community Top Voice

LinkedIn Top voice: The LinkedIn Top Voices is an exclusive, invitation-only program that acknowledges the professionals and industry influencers who consistently share or create insights in their area of expertise, engage audiences in their field, create engaging conversations. The top tier badge on LinkedIn is a blue colour badge and is only reserved for senior level experts and they are selected by the LinkedIn editorial team, who always analyse new creators or influencers.

Community Top Voice: This badge is earned by making noteworthy contributions to collaborative articles on LinkedIn, specifically tailored to a user’s skill set. It’s a badge that celebrates not just influence, but also expertise and a commitment to collaborative knowledge-sharing

Here's what keeps these badges so special:

Visibility boost: Forget hiding in the LinkedIn crowd. These badges are like neon signs that yell “Hey, check out this awesome content!
Credibility cred: Got a badge? You must be good! These badges are like mini diplomas that tell everyone you’re the real deal when it comes to your field.

So, how do you grab these shiny stars? Here’s the lowdown

Checklist before starting your contribution

  1. Turn on your creator Mode
  2. Use a professional and Appealing profile Photo
  3. Optimize your account heading and about me section where you can show your skills
  4. Engage with your Audience by give likes and comments to their Posts
  5. Post Unique and Quality content related to your Niche.
  6. Build a Community by adding and accepting connections from niche audiences.

Different Types of Badges on LinkedIn

Top Voices: Think of it as an exclusive club for LinkedIn rockstars. They handpick the best of the best based on who shares the most helpful, thought-provoking contents.

Community Top Voices: This one’s all about teamwork! Show your expertise by collaborating on awesome articles with other folks in your field by extra information to the contents created by LinkedIn AI. By adding to these kinds of AI generated Contents LinkedIn is aiming to get clean and quality content by giving a unique badge to the users thus by giving an excitement to share their knowledge on a particular area of expertise.

But, Remember, it’s not just about getting the badge, it’s about being a pro who shares his hard earned knowledge and sparks up interesting conversations within the community. So, keep creating killer content, engage with your community, and who knows, you might just find yourself sporting those badges soon!

Here are some ways to get a Top Voice Badge:

  • Share Insights: Showcase your expertise by sharing your perspective on various posts.
  • Make Noteworthy Contributions: Earn a Community Top Voice badge by making notable contributions to collaborative articles for a particular skill.
  • Earn Multiple Badges: You can earn badges for multiple skills, which will be combined into one badge on your profile.

Benefits of being a LinkedIn Top Voice include:

  • A larger audience and more engagement on your posts
  • Improved credibility and trust with your followers and Peers
  • Potential opportunities for speaking engagements, consulting, and job offers

You can show or hide your Top Voice Badge on your profile by following these steps

  1. Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Click View Profile.
  3. Click the Edit icon in the introduction section.
  4. Scroll down to the Top Voice Badge section on the Edit intro pop-up window.
  5. Click the Dropdown under Badge to select an associated Top Voice Badge.

Now let’s check how to Earn a Community Top Voice

Step 1: Find or Select a Niche to collaborate.

In order to get a community top voice, You will need to start contributing to relevant articles on LinkedIn. The badge you can get is based on which type of collaborative articles are selected. There are 100’s of Collaborative Articles available on LinkedIn, you have selected the most suitable articles which you are interested in contributing to. Let’s assume if you are a Search Engine Marketing Expert you have to select either SEO related articles or Search Engine Related articles. You can see the list of collaborative articles from the screenshot below. There is no limit to select the topic, you can select multiple articles on multiple niches and can earn multiple badges.

Find or Select a Niche to collaborate

Step 2: Once you select the Niche from the screenshot, It's time to add you perspective

Select any of the articles from the list as seen in the screenshot

add you perspective

Once you select the article you see and option on the right side of the article with a small comment box. From there you can add your perspective about the article you selected

add your perspective about the article you selected

Keep one thing in mind, that your contributions must remain relevant, and original, and other LinkedIn members including your connections must continue to find your contributions within that particular skill set insightful.

Finding the suitable article to collaborate in your Niche is the main thing before going for the badge

  1. Create or write your perceptive within 750 words as the limit of the words for each contribution is set to 750.
  2. Use your own words and contents while writing your perspective and use real case scenarios to stand out from others.
  3. Interact or acknowledge other contributors answers by liking and commenting or by replying
  4. Try to add 5 or 6 Contributions per day, be consistent on what you are doing

Step 3: Create Engagement

When you start contributing to the article, engage with other creators by giving them reactions for their piece of content, eventually you will get their reactions for your content. You can also share your perspective to your closed group to get an Initial pull.

Once you earn the Community Voice Top Badge, It will be only  active for 60 days after, but it may be removed at any time if you post content on LinkedIn that is not following LinkedIn Policy. In order to keep the badge beyond 60 days, You have to keep contributing daily at least once in a week

Your badge will appear on your profile, as well as next to your contributions in collaborative articles. If you do not want the badge on your profile, edit your settings on your profile to hide your badge

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